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Problems with DELETE REST API

by on ‎11-01-2013 08:09 AM


I am still facing issue invoking DELETE REST API using “sdn” user account. It seems this user account does not have rights for that.


Just a background on RSDoc… It is intended to be an API documentation tool (hence, the “Doc” suffix) to allow API users/developers to read about the API and “try it out” to see how a response may look.  We enable all the HTTP methods to create/update/read a given resource.  This may help in being able to consume the response data, however, little value can be obtained by deleting things – you mainly just get back a response code (200 or some other error codes). These error codes are documented in Javadocs.


For testing REST APIs, I would suggest using other tools meant for testing, such as RESTClient from Firefox add-on, or plain-old curl.