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HP’s Cyber Defense Center: A new frontier of innovation for enterprise security

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) ‎06-12-2014 09:46 AM - edited ‎09-16-2015 05:00 PM

After analyzing over 90 Security Operations Centers and accumulating the largest dataset of its kind, HP has taken industry best practices and lessons learned and applied them to our very own Cyber Defense Center (CDC). This milestone not only marks our ability to have a “collective 3D view” of the entire company for the first time, but also the opening of a new frontier of innovation.


HP ArcSight security consultants have helped the largest companies in world install and improve their security operations centers, however, having our own full deployment opens up opportunities for us. Chris Triolo, VP Professional Services and Support, highlights that:

As [our HP CDC] matures, we will be able to understand how to add new toolsets, new technologies, the advances in SOC’s we are seeing today within a SOC that we actually control…it gives us a lot more flexibility to try out the new advances in security operations. And then, what we learn there, we get to translate back into our consulting practice and bring to our other customers throughout the world.

This real-world testing ground ensures our customers will stay a step ahead of the bad guys, while solidifying HP’s position as the leader in enterprise security. It also represents a mind-boggling feat of security intelligence and data processing. HP has:

  • 20 thousand network devices
  • 28 thousand IT-managed servers
  • 330 thousand employees
  • 2.5 billion—yes, billion—transactions per day

HP enlisted ArcSight to take on the large job of making sense of all this and reducing it to 1,000 actionable alerts. By the time HP finishes its full deployment, it will be the largest ArcSight deployment in the world.


Perhaps even more impressive, is the fact that HP is able to run the Cyber Defense Center with only 32 full-time individuals with an additional 15 being added this year to reach full capacity. Charles Sterner, Senior Manager of HP Cyber Defense Center, explains, “We are able to run a single SOC with such a slim shift because we have had so much practice in the world with customers building these streamlined agile SOCs.” 


Leveraging the lessons learned from over ten years of security operations implementations, the correlational power of ArcSight, and now having close to the largest SOC in the world, HP will learn to extract even more ROI from each security dollar, making protecting our organizations an investment that impacts the bottom line in the right direction.


HP is able to build upon all their experience and transfer it to customers because of the focus they have had onworld.jpg

creating a repeatable framework. Using the Security Operations Maturity Model that HP developed, we have been able to create a standard in SOC performance measurement. Triolo describes that, “By doing this it allows us to build a consistent repeatable operation that we could actually measure overtime...allowing us to provide really interesting insights across many industry verticals, [and] many different geographies of the state of security operations.”


While this idea of a repeatable framework has been so important at HP, it was also important to Sterner and other HP Security experts to create a framework that was not too rigid and flexible enough to allow for the speed necessary to keep up with an attacker. HP having ownership of its own SOC is adding to the speed at which HP’s repeatable framework evolves both strengthening the framework while increasing its flexibility and ultimately creating a model of security excellence for HP customers.


To read the full State of Security Operations 2014 report visit: 


Click here to learn more about ArcSight and HP Enterprise Security


A guest post by JC Zapata, HP Security PMM


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