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root disk faulty

by on ‎12-21-2011 06:19 AM


My rx8620 server had in its "mail log" that the root disk has failed though there is no amber light on any of the 2 disks in the derver.


The message is shown below:


">------------ Event Monitoring Service Event Notification ------------<


Notification Time: Fri Dec 16 15:32:20 2011


GHACCUET24OP01 sent Event Monitor notification information:


/storage/events/disks/default/3_0_0_2_0.6.0 is >= 3.

Its current value is CRITICAL(5).




Event data from monitor:


Event Time..........: Fri Dec 16 15:32:20 2011

Severity............: CRITICAL

Monitor.............: disk_em

Event #.............: 100237              




     Disk at hardware path 3/0/0/2/0.6.0 : Media failure



Description of Error:


     The device was unsuccessful in reading or writing data for the current I/O

     request due to an error on the medium. The data could not be recovered.


Probable Cause / Recommended Action:


     Reformatting the medium may fix the problem.


     Alternatively, the medium in the device is flawed. If the medium is

     removable, replace the medium with a fresh one.


     Alternatively, if the medium is not removable, the device has experienced

     a hardware failure. Contact your HP support representative to have the

     device checked."


As i am speaking, physically the 2 disk are functioning perfectly with the green lights on both blinking.


So i want to know whether the disk is really bad.


Follow this guide:


Test the disk and replace.