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rx2620, rx4640 and “Montvale” (e.g. Itanium 9050, SL9PG) processor?

by on ‎09-22-2011 10:27 AM


Is it possible to install a “Montvale” type processor in an rx2620 or rx4640?  For example, an Itanium 9050 (model SL9PG) at 1600 MHz (24 MB cache, 533 MHz FSB). 



Both rx2620 & rx4640 added support to montecito processors after certain firmware upgrade. However the supported processor list is not the same for these two servers. Below mentioned quick specs link gives detailed information.


rx2620 :
Supports upto 1.6GHz 18MB

rx4640 :
supports upto 1.6GHz 24MB