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Management intelligence key to creating performance-driven culture

JudyRedman ‎01-09-2012 05:46 PM - edited ‎06-26-2015 08:45 AM

Is your IT department performance driven? IT powers the business in many organizations. Yet compared to other business units, it’s often  surprisingly under-managed.


Even when IT adopts a business-focused approach, they often lack the tools and methodologies to successfully create a performance-driven culture. IT departments  need easily available performance metrics that give real insight into the organization in time to make course-correcting decisions.

While there are customer relationship management (CRM) systems for sales and marketing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for other aspects of the business, most  IT departments lack a comprehensive, formal performance system.


This relative immaturity means that CIOs face difficulties when attempting to quantify IT investments and show their value. Many IT leaders are still collecting data into spreadsheets and presentations–and scrambling every quarter to show the performance of their departments.


Improving IT management means treating IT as a business and applying management techniques–such as Six Sigma, lean and total quality management (TQM)–that are common in other industries.


IT leaders need a comprehensive performance system that provides them with a single pane of glass that provides real-time insight into all aspects of the organization: from strategy to planning and governance and extends across the management of applications, operations, information and security.


With a performance system in place, CIOs can get a picture of how and when IT is adding value to the business and begin to optimize, managing assets across their full lifecycle. To transform IT apply metrics to a cycle of continuous improvement: Formulate a hypothesis, test it and see what happens. Goals, KPI tracking, and benchmarking are essential to helping the organization improve.


Discover Performance has a new article that addresses how CIOs can formalize how they manage the business of IT, and adopt integrated strategies that demonstrate IT’s worth. Developed specifically for IT leaders, Discover Performance focuses on delivering actionable insights from peers, thought leaders and industry analysts, to help you turn IT performance into business success. Join Discover Performance for IT Leaders.


For more information, read the white paper “Business Intelligence for the Business of IT” or listen to the on-demand webinar, “Understand Your IT Landscape as Never Before.”


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Judy Redman has been writing about all areas of technology for more than 20 years.

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