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What I like about the syndicated Discover Performance ezine

SDanisovsky ‎08-15-2013 08:09 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 03:26 PM

Indeed some of the concerns we heard that time from partners were about our commitment to sustain the 2 months periodical delivery without any interruption or delay. I think the history so far has proven that we’ve delivered on the promise and the gradually growing number of partners using this tactic is a proof of it. Apart from having a fresh content to send to customers on a regular basis, which is certainly a strong driver to use the tactic, there are few other aspects that make the ezine attractive and useful too.


More freedom to include own content

Those of you who use the HP CSS already know that each available marketing tactic is very easy to personalize. The personalization allows you to incorporate your own branding elements, contact details, or privacy rules (something that becomes more and more important). The syndication of the DP ezine goes way farther and provides content customization means for those who want to promote their own stuff. Indeed a number of partners do care about brand differentiation and expect to have such capability available.


The content enhancement of the DP ezine can include anything that company considers important to share like:

  • PR articles which help to strengthen its own brand
  • Experts’ blog to prove expertise or skills
  • Future event “save your date” invitations or post-event “thank you” notes
  • …simply anything company wants to announce to the outside world

One could argue that the same “awareness” communication channel can be built by employing social media and perhaps even with higher facility. The difference however comes with the impact measurement of such communication. Since the ezine is executed against a known contact list, it will provide you with a deeper insight on who’s interested in which article, which paragraphs received the highest attention (or the lowest one; that’s also good to know, right?), …something that’s not always available via social media analytics.


More traffic to company website

In one of my previous posts I’ve mentioned the fact that company website is still considered as the most efficient marketing tactic. And for that reason the web content syndication is usually recommended as a first step when starting to use the HP CSS; particularly for partners just launching their digital marketing practice. Another recent study from ITSMA reconfirms the importance of company’s website claiming that “technology and solution providers’ websites are now the top source of information when buyers initiate solutions research”.


So if we agree with the above then the natural question to raise is: how we can stimulate more traffic to the website. Obviously the first step is to have the website optimized for the organic search. But it can’t stop at the search optimization. All other marketing tactics shall be executed with one goal in mind; to bring more visitors to the website. So that applies to newsletter as well, knowing that the more it promotes company’s own content (as advised in the previous paragraph) the higher impact it will have on the website visibility and its search ranking.


And even if you have no fresh original content to add into the ezine, you can still send out the one from HP, enhanced with few links leading to your website or to some syndicated webpages (web panels) activated there. Every link is an opportunity for extra traffic to your website that you’ll be able to measure and report.


Great way to clean a contact list

This may sound like an awkward benefit but those who are in charge with contact data management task understand the issue of having their contact list maintained. Because every contact list is naturally aging as people change jobs or responsibility within or between companies. As per the so called “database half-life” means that 25% of contacts get obsolete every year. So without a new contacts intake, the contact list will shrink by almost 60% in three years. Hence the need to generate new contacts but also we want to know which contacts are no longer accurate so that we can remove or update them.


One would say that such a natural contact cleansing is performed with every email campaign. That’s correct but not every partner runs email campaigns on a regular basis. With a full spectrum of marketing tactics in CSS, we have some partners who prefer other tactics, for example webpage syndication or social media syndication and rarely run email based campaigns. For them having set up the ezine is actually a very simple way to clean up the contact list with a minimum effort.


Obviously cleaning the list from obsolete contacts is not enough. There will have to be a lead generation activity in parallel to refill the list with new ones. And that’s by the way also something where the ezine can help. Announcing every edition through your social media channels (which is very easy to do) will get the news to your follower communities and invite them to subscribe.

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