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Error integration netapp.mib Hpsim 6.3

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Error integration netapp.mib Hpsim 6.3

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I want to register netapp.mib. on Hpsim 6.3.But when I want to compile the mib an error occured:


C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\MIB>mcompile netapp.mib

HP Systems Insight Manager Mib Compiler, Version
Copyright (c) 2003-2006 Hewlett Packard Corporation

Compiling netapp.mib

Line: 28266: Error defining registration: Invalid parent label or subid
Mib compilation failed.


On file i find :

Line 28266 ::= { netapp 0 2 }


i use Network Appliance Custom MIB -  Version 2.1.3, December 2010 (Attachments)


What can I do?

Best Regards
Aurélien Dubois






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Re: Error integration netapp.mib Hpsim 6.3