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DCIM: The value proposition of HP OneView in the HP Converged Management Framework

TS_Guest on ‎11-08-2013 08:38 AM

by Christophe Maisonnave, Asia Pacific & Japan Critical Facilities Strategies Practice Principal


15655744_s.jpgBy now you have probably read that HP has launched HP OneView -- and that is one topic that directly relates to the data center infrastructure management solutions (DCIM) demand we have identified in the market today.

As I reviewed this video, I realized that the entire HP community is working to provide our customers with this single pane of glass that they have been demanding for many years.  HP OneView is obviously a strategically important element within the HP Data Center Infrastructure Management solution that drives efficiencies in the customer data center management lifecycle. HP Converged Systems SVP/GM, Tom Joyce, correctly states that “A lot of companies have point management products, but nothing like OneView.  We have the newest architecture by far, built on web services technology and RESTful interface, built with consumer-inspired levels of ease of use.  Not one of the other companies can touch what we have with HP OneView."


This is, of course, a great technology, especially if you look at how the offering enriches our mature ITSM software suite, and the solution our DCIM partners propose.  Additionally, HP offers a flexible data center solution lineup.  You can see an example of HP’s approach for addressing multiple concerns around data center @ The Data Center Value Meal .  More importantly, HP OneView is also dealing HP customers a winning hand with some great CAPEX and OPEX cards. By working with your HP consultant to configure the right converged infrastructure for your business requirements, you will be able to leverage a complete solution for your data center. This solution includes server, storage and networking hardware, as well as the standard sensing and intelligence tools needed to monitor and automate the services you deliver to your customers.


How does this help you better manage your CAPEX? Let’s look at a common scenario. Today, in order to monitor data center temperature as a sample, you need to have racks equipped with sensors. The more activities that you want to measure, the more sensors you will need.  Another consideration:  IT technology is changing faster than your metering capabilities. A logical question for you to ask:  Is that sensing investment going to provide value into the future?

HP OneView can broach this gap by making sure that all of the information collected at the IT gear level can be shared with the monitoring team as well as the facility monitoring feed to the EMS system.  For example, you can better adjust your cooling chain or your power chain because of this feedback. Jim Ganthier, Vice President, Global Marketing, HP Servers, spoke to that value proposition in his blog What if you could manage your data center as easily as driving a car?


This convergence of Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions is also addressed in my DCIM blog. (Follow the series).   Discover the best solution for IT and facility challenges and achieving smart CAPEX decisions. Look to HP Converged Management Consulting Services (CMCS) to help you find a better source for your IT and facility solution.  


About Christophe:


He is Asia Pacific and Japan Critical Facilities Strategies practice principal, living and working in Singapore for the past 15 years. He has 14 years of experience at HP, in multiple IT roles spanning mechanical and electrical engineering to IT systems definitions and data center service management. Christophe currently works with several major customers in Asia, providing guidance and recommendations at different stages of their facility strategic initiatives. He also represents HP as a speaker at seminars and events, covering topics such as the next generation datacenter for cloud or green IT trend analysis for global and regional markets.


Prior to HP, Mr. Maisonnave was a senior consultant working for several French companies, acquiring broad international experience in his work for Leibherr Aerospace and Alcatel Space in Toulouse, France.

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on ‎11-10-2013 08:00 PM

thank you for a good advice and tips about CAPEX

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