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DPTIPS: Some Handy Media Reports

Esteemed Contributor on ‎04-19-2013 09:51 AM

Have you ever found yourself wanting some quick media stats from you Data Protector installation, but you didn't want to spend a lot of time clicking through the GUI?  Recently I had a chance to try some different forms of the "omnirpt" command specific to the "media_statistics" report.  These reports run quickly, and you could easily incorporate them into a scripted solution for monitoring media statistics in summary form.


So here we go!


First, the report in its most general form can be had by just using the report name.  This gives you a summary of all media in your Cell regardless of pool, library, media type, or protection.


C:\> omnirpt -report media_statistics 
Media Statistics

Cell Manager: fanta
Creation Date: 4/19/2013 7:36:00 AM

# Media: 705
# Scratch: 585
# Protected: 120
# Good : 673
# Fair: 0
# Poor: 32
Total [GB]: 2770815.51
Used [GB]: 1052.36
Free [GB]: 2769763.15
# Appendable: 120


Although interesting and perhaps useful, you will more than likely be interested in media only within a specific pool.  In that case, you simply add the "-pool" option followed by the media pool name of interest.


C:\> omnirpt -report media_statistics -pool Jim_4220_MediaPool 
Media Statistics

Cell Manager: fanta
Creation Date: 4/19/2013 7:38:25 AM

# Media: 82
# Scratch: 32
# Protected: 50
# Good : 82
# Fair: 0
# Poor: 0
Total [GB]: 335872.00
Used [GB]: 128.24
Free [GB]: 335743.76
# Appendable: 50


This narrows your scope to only statistics for the given pool.  You can also filter by library rather than pool by using the "-library" option.  That reports on media resident in the specified library without regard to pool membership.


C:\> omnirpt -report media_statistics -library Geoff_Test_4220 
Media Statistics

Cell Manager: fanta
Creation Date: 4/19/2013 7:41:44 AM

# Media: 20
# Scratch: 20
# Protected: 0
# Good : 20
# Fair: 0
# Poor: 0
Total [GB]: 81920.00
Used [GB]: 0.00
Free [GB]: 81920.00
# Appendable: 0


Perhaps you're shopping for media in a specific pool that has protection expiring in the next 7 days.  We can do that, too!  Just add the "-protection" option followed by a number of days.


C:\> omnirpt -report media_statistics -pool Jim_4220_MediaPool -protection 7 
Media Statistics

Cell Manager: fanta
Creation Date: 4/19/2013 10:15:01 AM

# Media: 6
# Scratch: 0
# Protected: 6
# Good : 6
# Fair: 0
# Poor: 0
Total [GB]: 24576.00
Used [GB]: 15.82
Free [GB]: 24560.18
# Appendable: 6


Finally, your interest may be stats for only scratch (expired) media in a particular pool.  You can get that with the "-no_protection" switch.


C:\> omnirpt -report media_statistics -pool Jim_4220_MediaPool -no_protection 
Media Statistics

Cell Manager: fanta
Creation Date: 4/19/2013 10:16:04 AM

# Media: 32
# Scratch: 32
# Protected: 0
# Good : 32
# Fair: 0
# Poor: 0
Total [GB]: 131072.00
Used [GB]: 0.00
Free [GB]: 131072.00
# Appendable: 0


There are dozens of other option combinations for the media_statistics report.  You will find that information and much, much more in the Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference available anywhere you have the documentation packet installed.  You can also find a copy at


I'm a certified Unix curmudgeon and command line guy from way back.  The GUI is a convenient tool, but if you want to get some real work done ...

... come to the dark side, Luke.

About the Author

Jim Turner

Jim is a multi-disciplined engineering professional with 29 years of industry experience including analog and digital component-level design, firmware and software programming, systems integration, LAN/WAN design, Unix performance and tuning, system security, high-availability clusters, network services, enterprise storage, and complex problem resolution. For the past 15 years, Jim’s primary focus has been enterprise backup, recovery, and archiving (BURA). As an HPE Master Technologist, he is recognized as a global authority on HPE Data Protector, HPE StoreOnce, and the proper integration of both. Knowing what is happening from the user interface down to the molecular level gives Jim a unique perspective shared by few. His consulting has stretched over 300k miles and 139 unique locations in North America during his 8 years with HP. Jim resides in Edmond, OK with his wife, two grown children, and three dogs.

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