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HP Helion support makes cloud computing ready for prime time

on ‎06-10-2014 12:54 PM

9787075_m.jpgBy Don Randall, Marketing Lead, HP Datacenter Care and HP Microsoft Infrastructure Consulting


It’s easy for us in the IT industry to get wrapped up in the technology. That’s what we’re good at. So when a new technology—like cloud computing—comes along, we’re eager to put it to work and see what it can do. But there are a lot of surrounding elements required before a technology can go prime time—when business leaders entrust their success to it. Things like security and reliability, support, education, and expert assistance when you need it. You would like those things to come from a trusted partner who has been in the business a while. But you don’t want to be locked in—you should have choices. It was when those things came together for Linux, for example, that it took off. Now it runs thousands of businesses and is embedded in tens-of-thousands of products.


We’re at a similar juncture with cloud. And HP Helion is helping cloud computing turn the corner from development platform to enterprise-class business platform. If you missed the press, Helion—among other things—takes the OpenStack environment, hardens it for enterprise-class reliability and security, and surrounds it with services, education, and support. The focus of Helion is hybrid IT—the combination of public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT most industry experts expect to become the enterprise computing environment of the future. And we’re committing $1 billion USD over the next couple of years to growing the depth and breadth of the program.


Those of us in the services and support business have been working to be sure Helion comes with the help you need when you need it—from strategy and planning, through application transformation, design, implementation, education, and support. We’ve rounded up some of the best experts in the industry to create a Helion Professional Services team, and we’ll have a full set of support services for Helion OpenStack which will be available when the software product is available.


HP Helion OpenStack Community support provides same-day support with access to OpenStack technical experts, tools and best practices, installation support, help with software features, and operational support. It slips right into our larger support model for all the systems that run your business:


  • Foundation Care—reactive support to keep you up and running

  • Proactive Care—to spot problems before they result in downtime

  • Datacenter Care—support for your whole multi-vendor data center environment

We’ll support the HP Helion OpenStack software, but, more important, as additional products are delivered, we’ll support the whole system or even your complete environment. That gives you one partner to turn for support for servers, storage, networking, and software. And that lets you focus on innovating for the business.


One thing HP Helion is not is a solution in search of a problem. Like everything we do, Helion starts with you—what you need, what you have, where you are, where you want to go. Then we can explore how Helion can help you get there.  And putting the weight of HP’s support and consulting services behind HP Helion OpenStack is a major step.


If you’re going to HP Discover in June, you can start the process right there. There will be sessions on Helion and HP

Helion OpenStack, so you can learn more. Even better, come by the Helion OpenStack demo and the Guru Bar to meet some of the experts and begin to explore what it can mean for your business. If you’re ready to take cloud into prime time, so are we.




Don has held roles in the business and marketing of services for HP. He currently supports HP Datacenter Care and HP’s Microsoft Infrastructure consulting. He holds an MBA from UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management.


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