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CMO Council CSP Study: Behavior-based Pricing (Report Now Available) Part 1

JuliaOchinero on ‎03-12-2013 05:29 PM

Miguel.jpgFree Over The Top (OTT) Communications Service Providers, (CSPs) such as Google, Skype and Facebook, are both challenging and enabling marketers in the $1.3 trillion global telecommunications industry. A new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council study, sponsored by HP, (download report here) or contact your HP account representative) shows that while these companies are supplying customers with sophisticated web-based features that are competing with fixed and mobile operators, OTT players are also being courted for partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities by traditional CSPs.


Miguel Carrero, Director, Actionable Customer Intelligence, Enterprise Services at HP, and Liz Miller, VP, Programs at the CMO Council spoke about these findings at Mobile World Congress. Watch an interview with Carrero on the show floor.


As Miller put it in last week’s MWC presentation “Marketing has traditionally been focused on getting consumers to ‘interact” with their brand. They’ve gotten data from “outside” the company, with some getting data from marketing channels inside the company. But it is time they leverage data across their own network — and not just marketing — to drive experiences that the consumers want.”


What is most telling from the study findings is the absolute awareness from marketers within global CSPs that change must come in order to maximize both customer loyalty and revenue opportunities. For the most part, CSPs are in real danger of being reduced to becoming providers of a commodity, and marketers are ready to step into a champion role to ensure this commoditized scenario does not take hold — much to the detriment of the customer experience.


What we often hear from CSPs, many of them HP clients, is that identifying and setting that first brick is the hardest — and often almost impossible — step to building a bridge to an optimized (profitable) customer experience. What’s ironic is that they actually have a secret weapon against becoming a commodity — data.


Big Data and Analytics
Consider this: Every day, the average U.S.-based network provider moves 19 petabytes of data through their network. (For some perspective, James Cameron and ILM moved 1 petabyte of data to render the movie Avatar and it took them three years.) There is no shortage of data in today’s CSP. More often than not, this mass of data can be seen as an impediment, given the moniker Big Data, and imposing a looming feeling that data is a massive problem that needs to be solved.


In reality, it is the CSP’s greatest opportunity.


According to the CMO Council’s findings, marketers are looking for key ways to differentiate their brand in a broad pool of competition. Here at HP, we see the CSP’s big data assets as a way to differentiate, deliver more value to customers and improve financial results.But access to data is only part of the requirement — CSPs must be able to quickly access this data and deliver intelligence and insight in order to fully exploit the data opportunity and monetize their network. 

Most CSPs are unable to transform the massive amount of subscriber data they collect each day into actionable intelligence. As OTT providers are winning the hearts and wallets of customers, CSPs now find themselves in the risky position of having their services go further down that commodity path.


What the study identifies are four clear goals that CSPs are looking to achieve in order to break out of this commodity mold. CSPs are being challenged to:

  • Grow revenue and differentiate with innovative new services
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Introduce new business models via partnerships with OTT
  • Optimize the cost of operations and network planning


Watch for Part 2 of this 2-part series, where we explore how to take the first step in leveraging data to drive greater business outcomes. In the meantime, for more information, or to ask for copy of the study, click here.

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About the Author


Julia Mason-Ochinero is WW CME Marketing Lead, HP Enterprise Marketing. In this role, Julia is responsible for driving dialog with CSPs on how they can transition to sustainable, profitable business models and enter into co-opetition with over-the-top (OTT) content providers who are changing this industry’s landscape. She joined HP in 2010 from Accel Partners (where she worked as a consultant.) Prior to Accel, Julia held marketing leadership positions with companies including Adobe, Nuance, OpenWave, Novell, Nuance Communications and RealNetworks. She began her career in Chicago working with organizations including AT Kearney, Andersen Consulting and Ameritech. She currently resides in Silicon Valley.

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