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HP Next Best Offer - transforming CSP marketing paradigm

Oded on ‎02-02-2014 05:12 AM

Getting personal with customers

CSPs, like most business enterprises, have tried to gain market insights from collecting broad demographic information about their subscribers, such as age brackets and gender groups. That might be useful for one-to-many marketing campaigns that target large groups with broadly defined products and services, but we miss out on how unique each subscriber is.


Now we can do more. We can look at individual behavior to gain real-time insights into preferences and make a timely offer that doesn’t get lost in a mass marketing campaign that stands a far greater chance of being selected by the subscriber. We call this paradigm shift in how we market communications services the “next best offer.”


Making the next best offer

A next best offer (NBO) solution can help CSPs target their customers with the right offers at the right time, improving the overall experience and increasing revenue. You can do this by gaining a better understanding of your customers and their preferences through customer segmentation and repeat purchase modeling, product association analysis, and campaign planning for new promotions and discounts.


Here’s how it works. At any time during the lifecycle of a product, the marketing operations team first evaluates:

  • Which offer best matches the customer’s needs?
  • Which offer campaign best matches the service providers’ business interest—whether it’s customer retention, revenue increase, or both?


After the match is done, the identified offers are then promoted to the customer. Although simple in execution, NBO is based on advanced technologies.


HP Next Best Offer

As part of the HP Telco Big Data and Analytics solution family, the HP Next Best Offer solution brings together a unique combination of capabilities in our best-in-class business analytics solution with deep networking expertise for the communications industry. Key capabilities include:

  • The ability to draw data from many sources: the customer’s location, subscriptions, browsing behavior, demographics, and other data
  • Predictive, real-time analytics from HP Vertica
  • The ability to analyze both structured and unstructured data from HP Autonomy
  • The HAVEn architecture that’s built to integrate with every system in the CSP environment



To learn more about the HP Next Best Offer, visit 

About the Author


Oded Ringer overlooks HP's worldwide marketing and enablement for Actionable Customer Intelligence (ACI) solutions. With many years in the Telecom industry, at companies like Alcatel-Lucent and TTI-Telecom, Oded focuses on Go-To-Market strategies bringing together Products, Business, Operations, Sales and Marketing.

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