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A Broad View of HP OneView

johncummings on ‎10-04-2013 12:00 PM

The release of HP OneView, our new converged infrastructure management platform, has been getting some serious buzz among the pundits in the past couple of weeks (see, for example, PC World’s take here and CRN’s here).


Here at Transforming IT we’ve been focusing on new services around HP OneView, as well as the convergence backdrop and how HP OneView accelerates IT organizations’ drive toward the New Style of IT.


There’s plenty of coverage at other HP blogs, too, if you’re looking to round out your knowledge of the new platform.


For a detailed introduction to HP OneView, you can’t do better than Jeff Carlat’s piece at Converged Infrastructure blog – A fresh approach to Converged Infrastructure management has arrived. Jeff’s post comes complete with screen shots and a report from a beta user that reduced the time needed to roll out a global call center tech refresh from 66 days to … 1 day!


Over at Eye on Blades blog, a couple of posts by Gary Thome caught my attention for his analysis of HP OneView’s advantages over other infrastructure management offerings in the marketplace (Cisco’s in particular):


Introducing HP OneView – What It Is and What It Is Not A look at how HP OneView pushes past limiting paradigms that have hindered IT infrastructure management until now.


Apples to Apples or Comparing Infrastructure Management Tools? Gary’s thoughts on responses to the HP OneView release from the press, customers, and Cisco employees and resellers.


And, speaking of Cisco, while you’re over at Eye on Blades check out Brad Kirby’s piece Is your car radio free? Of course not … Neither is your management software


Watch this space – we’ll keep you up to date on HP OneView developments in the run-up to HP Discover Barcelona, and at the event.



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