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Full-Spectrum Mobility: Enhancing the User Experience and Productivity

TS_Guest on ‎12-03-2013 11:54 AM


by Kitty Chow, Worldwide Portfolio Marketing Manager, HP Technology Services Networking



Delivering universal access to core productivity services, with the consumer experience as a benchmark, should be the Mobility program objective for all Enterprise IT departments. Continuing to view mobility as siloed projects – BYOD, wireless LAN deployments, mobile device management – will result in user abandonment and the business sourcing IT services from elsewhere.


The Mobility wave shows no signs of losing impetus. When IDC analyst Frank Gens listed his top 10 IT predictions for 2013 earlier this year, four of the top five clustered around Mobility.


When we look at how enterprises and the market are responding to this challenge, the key benefit that everyone is looking to tap into is increased end-user productivity. But there is also something quite fundamental to understand about this newly defined productivity model: the fact that it’s a spectrum. End-users are now aggregating an experience, blending devices, apps, applications and connectivity to meet the demands of a particular task. And the way they assemble those assets depends on the job they are doing. We are all constantly moving across this spectrum as we turn to do different tasks; we perform seamless context switches among personas, devices, apps, and applications.


HP’s Mobility Services Framework, from HP Technology Services, engages businesses to explore the implications of enterprise mobility from this user experience perspective. We can help you understand the mobility systems that you’ll need to delight users while also delivering on the need to protect and secure corporate access and information. 


Join us at HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona, December 10 -12, to learn much more about how your organization can exploit the Mobility opportunity. I’ll be presenting two sessions together with Craig Partridge, our Worldwide Strategy Lead:


DT2071: Your mobility strategy: Think user experience and actionable plans

DF2074: What is the best way to build your mobility strategy?


Here’s another must-see session featuring Craig:


BB2087: Lessons from HP IT and HP Experts: Empowering your mobile workforce – BYOD and productivity


And two featuring Jordan Whitmarsh, our Worldwide Mobility Lead:


DT2090: Employee Productivity: from zero to productive in minutes with BYOD

DF20191: To BYOD or not to BYOD?


Plus, you can participate in a 1-hour introduction to our Mobility Transformation Experience Workshop, which helps you build an aligned vision and initiative roadmap in just one day.


See you there!

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