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Introducing HP Migration Services for Windows 2003

TS_Guest on ‎07-15-2014 04:00 PM

By Kevin Lange, HP Worldwide Datacenter Consulting Service Line Solutions


Kevin_Lange_badge.jpgThere’s exciting news out of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C. this week. HP now offers a robust, best-practice and scalable solution for the upcoming Windows Server 2003 end-of-support (EOS) based on our enterprise-class services and converged infrastructure. Check out our new HP Migration Services for Windows 2003.


The infrastructure will take advantage of the proven Windows 2012 platform. The combination of Windows 2012 and Windows Azure technologies give your organization the flexibility, security, scalability and optimization of resource utilization that you need to meet today’s business challenges – and HP ConvergedSystem 700x for Microsoft Virtualization gives your enterprise the reliability, stability and flexibility that’s required for your mission critical systems.


Effective on July 14, 2015, Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported outside of custom signed service contracts, which are prohibitively expensive. Windows end-of-service means:


No updates: 37 critical updates were released in 2014 for Windows Server 2003/R2 under Extended Support. No updates will be developed or released after end of support.


Compliance headaches: Lack of compliance with various standards and regulations can be devastating. This may include various regulatory and industry standards for which compliance can no longer be achieved. For example, lack of compliance within the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards might mean companies such as Visa and MasterCard will no longer do business with a non-compliant Data Center!


No safe haven: Both virtualized and physical instances of Windows Server 2003 are vulnerable and would not pass a compliance audit. Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 servers are also affected. So migrating off of Windows 2003 is mandatory. Luckily, as part of this offering, HP also provides a modernization service using our expertise in Infrastructure, Microsoft stack and applications, Windows 2012 and other resources to deliver a smooth, low-risk transition to production.


The HP Migration Services for Windows 2003 have been designed to simplify the process of assessing, preparing for, migrating to and managing the HP ConvergedSystem 700x for Microsoft Virtualization, accelerating time to value.


Here’s how our service approach works: we help you gather key information about the source Windows environment that’s being migrated; assemble a migration roadmap; deliver the required preparatory steps for migrating; and complete the migration on time and with a quality result. Then we provide knowledge-sharing and proper operational turnover as the Windows system goes to production.


And here are some of the key deliverables you get with this service:


• a business case/ROI study

• a Windows 2012 Migration Strategy & Roadmap, including risk assessment and Target Reference Architecture

• prescribed OS, Database and Application upgrades

• hypervisor upgrades

• custom application remediation

• Windows 2012 migration tests

• backup and recovery points

• Windows 2012 end-to-end migration

• Windows certification & acceptance

• training & knowledge transfer

• transition of operations & support processes

• decommission of legacy systems HP’s Windows 2003 Modernization Service eases your implementation effort.


HP consultants ensure that the HP ConvergedSystem 700x for Microsoft Virtualization is delivered as a system in a “ready-to-use” state. This accelerates your time-to-value and positively impacts ROI and TCO, and ensures compliance with the looming Windows 2003 EOS deadline.


Read more about new HP services and how we can help you stabilize and secure your Windows infrastructure.


To learn more about me and how I can help you meet your diverse IT needs, visit my HP Expert profile.




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