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The dis-advantages of being dis-connected

TS-Editor on ‎04-23-2014 12:09 PM

Mike Cronin is the Vice President, Technology Services (TS) Support, for the Americas Enterprise Group.  He has an extensive background in the services business and has been instrumental in driving the overall growth and profitability of the TS business over the past ten years.  Prior to joining HP in 1989, Mike worked at Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories and Compugraphic Corporation. He holds an MBA in Finance from Bentley College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Merrimack College.

Imagine if somehow you were suddenly forced to disconnect everything. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, game console, house security system, satellite radio, email, twitter accounts …  everything. You could certainly do it, but you probably wouldn’t like it. Because in spite of all the complaining we might do about being tied to devices and ruled by them, we do appreciate the amazing convenience and time-savings they provide, and the near-limitless possibilities they open up. For many of us, the connections are worth it just to be able to find out the name of Harry Truman’s vice president in seconds, anytime day or night. So we’d put up a fight to keep ourselves connected, because the upside of being connected totally outweighs any downside.

That’s why it’s surprising that some HP customers are passing up on major benefits by not getting connected with HP.

Fast, easy, impressive  
Any customer with an HP warranty or service agreement can get connected … for FREE. When they do, they enjoy an array of capabilities that help them better manage their IT environment and its assets. And that allows them to spend more time on their business, rather than on taking care of technology.    

The benefits are especially impressive for customers who have services from the HP “Care” portfolio – Foundation Care, Proactive Care, and Datacenter Care.  

For reactive support, being connected makes it way easier to diagnose and isolate issues. Repairs are completed faster and with greater confidence that the problem has been solved. In terms of the proactive support available with Proactive Care and Datacenter Care, getting connected can make the majority of issues that could otherwise cause downtime disappear. Poof. Here’s how.  

Through the HP connection, you automatically get proactive trend correlation, event generation, alert filtering, and detailed fault analysis. In addition to real-time alerting and diagnostic capabilities, HP can capture the revision and configuration data of connected products. We verify that the correct parameters are being used, further promoting the platform’s stability and desired performance. Then, we provide proactive reports with analysis and recommendations to help you avoid problems while enhancing performance. This means you are able to:

  • Prevent problems before they occur through proactive reports and advice
  • Solve problems faster on occurrence through 24x7 automated fault detection and parts dispatch
  • Stay informed and in control through direct access to knowledgeable experts and your personalized console

Never mind locking your front door and turning down the heat from any remote location, our type of totally secure connectivity can save you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by dramatically reducing unplanned downtime and making your IT environment more efficient and productive.  

It’s the 21st Century. Everything is connected.  Your IT assets and environment should be too.  Get ‘em connected with HP so you can get stop dealing with IT issues and get back to business.   

- Mike Cronin

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