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HP Service Virtualization Refresher

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HP Service Virtualization Refresher

What does virtualizing a service get you, as an application developer?  Some virtual aspirin for your Development Headaches


As your roll into work each day, are you reminded that your customer…the business or the actual end customer…is waiting on some new functionality in their favorite application, and it is up to you to code that and make sure it passes the required tests and is pushed out into the world for consumption.  If you think of that as your end point for project A that you are working on, how many hurdles are involved to get there? 

Multiple sprints? 

Waiting on code from another party? 

Accessing a 3rd party service component during licensed hours? 


Composite applications are applications with lots of components…yours, theirs and someone else’s… these dependencies can create crippling challenges for organizations as they struggle to quickly deliver applications, while still managing quality and performance testing requirements.

HP Software recently introduced a new solution – HP Service Virtualization software – which virtualizes services accessed by Developers and testing organizations.


What does it do? 

This solution provides immediate access to simulated environments, allows you to enhance performance testing of composite applications and eliminates the need to rebuild a redundant test environment or access production systems or recreate a proxy to mimic service behaviors.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will drill down into the specific aspects of SV that can remove the need to stub, pay for access to services, and support your Agile methodology and plans.  So, for a refresher…please visit our last webinar with guest speaker Dave West, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Inc., who discussed the complexity of quickly delivering applications while HP’s Subbu Iyer discussed how HP Service Virtualization addresses that complexity.


Kristin Higgins