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Exstream questions.

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Exstream questions.

General question: Is there a specific ExStream forum where questions can be posted?

I don't see it anywhere.
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Re: Exstream questions

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How I can get to load the license in HP Exstream? / ¿Como cargar la licencia de autorizacion HP?

How I can get to load the license in HP Exstream?

I entered online through the HP Exstream tool designer and have used 5 licenses when Debi Ulizar only a single license.

How I can fix this?

How I can get or load the license file authorization from HP?

How I can get the file .elt? (Transaction Exstream License Files).
 José Díaz Solórzano.
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Re: Exstream questions.

Are my pub files corrupt??


I am having an issue with Extream. My pub files are not loading and get deleted when they error out.