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Hi Ravi,


Thanks for commenting.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you a specific number of Vusers per load generator, as each situation is unique.  You’ll need to perform some calculations to get a value for your specific situation.  I consulted with my LoadRunner colleagues to come up with a suggestion for how you might go about it...


Firstly, identify a single Vuser footprint as follows:

  • Create a scenario in the Controller which uses your script, and set the number of iterations to 30 in the Run Time Setting.  It should be configured to run until complete.
  • Using the Windows Resource Monitor, configure %Process Time and Private Bytes counters on the mdrv.exe process in order to measure the footprint. Note that in order to configure these counters, you should first run the script to have mdrv.exe running. Run the scenario just for the sake of configuring the counters and then stop and save it before initiating the real test.
  • Run the scenario and make sure the monitor data is collected
  • As soon as the scenario execution ends, analyze the results using the Analysis tool. Make sure you analyze complete data and not only summary data.
  • Open the Windows Resource graph and make a note of the average CPU and peak memory utilization.


Now, you can determine the number of Vusers per LG.  You need to work out how many Vusers the CPU can sustain, and how many the memory can accommodate.  


  • This formula will give you the number of Vusers the CPU can sustain:

     Number of Vusers per CPU = (70% * Number of Core Processors)/ Vuser Average CPU Usage

                     (We recommend limiting it to 70% so as not to overuse the CPU)


  • This formula gives you the number of Vusers the memory can accommodate:

     Number of Vusers by Memory = (Total GB RAM of LG – GB RAM allocated for the operating system and other processes) / Vuser Peak Memory Usage

                     (You might want to reserve 1GB for the OS etc)


The number of Vusers that you are looking for should be the lower of these two values.


Here’s a table with some examples:

No of Core Processors

Average CPU usage of Vuser (%)

Vusers for CPU

(70%*No of Core Processors)/Average CPU usage of Vuser

Total Assignable Memory (GB)

(Total Memory-1GB)

Peak Memory per Vuser (MB)

Vusers for Memory

(Total Assignable Memory/Peak memory per Vuser)

Lower of “Vusers per CPU” and  “Vusers by Memory”























It’s not bulletproof – different scripts have different considerations and requirements, so it’s difficult to say categorically that this will work.  But it should be enough to get you started.


You can also post on the LoadRunner Community discussion board to ask other users to share some numbers with you.