on ‎08-22-2013 06:09 AM

Why can't we use a structred test case execution and exploratory testing simultaneously?


Yes its true the exploratory testing truly depends on the experience and depth of the knowledge in the domain. But simultaneously if the structured cases are also used along with exploratry testing atleast high priority test cases (of structred casest), then there is a good chance to identify critical issues at the earliest. This will give the developers and other stake holders a fair idea where the stability of the developed pts is standing.


I am senior software test engineer and I have around 7 yrs exp, and I had tried this approach several times. Its like 50% structured document and 50 % exploratory testing which constitute the pdt or the software stability, there after cosmetics issues, usability issues can be identified and that can also be solved. This will help the respective stakeholder like developers Business analysts to priortise the issues and later solve the same accordingly. Business Analysts will get an idea of the missing req and can be cross checked with the customer also.


So that at final release to the customer, atleast 80 to 90% the software will be free of issues with respect to the requirment.