on ‎04-26-2013 10:09 AM

Mary, Good stuff here.  I submit there is another interesting, but tangential, angle - BYOD (almost). Instead of bring your own device, it is buy your own service. This goes along with cloud, saas, and all - often driven by agility as you note. A SaaS based service desk could be one example. There is an increasing amount of attention on "multi-supplier integration" (MSI also sometimes labeled Service Integration and Management aka SIAM) where IT has to be better prepared to incorporate and manage suppliers or services brought in by different LOBs. Some of the concepts have been around a long time, but variability has gone up as more and more "stuff" can be sourced out of "cloud" as opposed to being originated inside of IT. How this moves between a LOB and central IT merits more discussion - say a future blog post (or two).


I was just dying to say MSI and/or SIAM!