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SNMP traps from my ILOs (Authentication errors)
I have 10 Blades with perfect OS on them...I have them monitored by a docile SNMP monitoring solution (Nagios/OpenNMS).
The ILOs, however are spitting out Community String Authentication Failure traps every 30 seconds.
So...every 30 seconds I receive a Community String trap from one of the ILOs

Why would these ILO's trap? Are they being polled by a chassis monitor and then just puking back a dodgy trap?
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Re: SNMP traps from my ILOs (Authentication errors)
And they aren't being polled other that for ICMP. Every 30 seconds I get a trap about Authentication Failure,,,,,and I'm baffled.

Thanks for any help
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Re: SNMP traps from my ILOs (Authentication errors)
Older iLOs and the default mode of iLO4 is that SNMP Polling requests are actually tunneled up into the OS through the iLO Driver.

So if you have prevented localhost or the OS side Authentication required turned on, this may be a host side config causing your grief.

The Enclosure doesn't use SNMP to talk to the individual iLOs, so I am not sure what else could be causing it.