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Console keyboard & mouse stop working in gui

I have some BL460C G5 and G7 blades in a c7000.  Today, I started having problems with console access to one of the G5 blades.  After opening the iLO 2 console port (firmware version 2.12), the login displays, but the mouse won't move and the keyboard doesn't work.  If I ssh in and reboot the server (running RHEL 6.4), I can see that happening in the console window.  I can interact with the console window during startup and can even select to boot to single user mode and that works.  As soon as I leave single user mode and go to a graphical multy user level, the mouse and keyboard stop working.  I can access the other blades without a problem.  I've tried getting access from two different servers.  So, this all seems related to the one blade.


I'm running 32 bit firefox 17.0.3 under RHEL 6.4 using Java 6 update 43 32 bit plugin.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.