Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?
In HP's Smart Setup CD, it includes utilities to configure my Emulex SAN card settings, such as boot options and WWN stuff. Is it possible to copy the SAN config utility to a local partition so it's accessible from EFI?

I have rx2620 and rx4640s that don't have virtual media support, so it's not possible to remotely load the Smart Setup CD.

If anyone is curious, our internal procedures require us to take Ghost images of servers for quicker recovery and refresh. The Ghost boot disks use WinPE, which don't support WOW64, and so can't run the Ghost client, which is a 32bit application. To get around that, I've assigned a SAN drive to one of the servers and installed Windows onto it. So whenever I need to create a Ghost image of the local drives, I just assign the SAN drive to the server, configure the bios to boot from the SAN drive instead, and then continue with the imaging. The only issue is that for the bios to see the SAN drive, I need to make some changes with the Smart Setup CD, which would require a trip to the datacenter to load the media.