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Re: Copying Smart Setup's SAN card utils to EFI?

drvcfg and drivers are build in commands.
Since these commands are build in, they do not depend on the presence of the HPSP, so yes you will still be able to run them if you choose not to create a HP support partition at installation time. HPSP is optional.

EFI only recognizes FAT and FAT32 filesystems. The SmartSetup cd contains two partitions, one is FAT and one is CDFS. The CDFS partition is the one you access when you look at the cd under Windows, the FAT partition is the one you can access from EFI shell and which contaisn the EBSU (EFI Based Setup Utility).

You cannot acces the HPSP OEM partition from Windows, the only partition you can access is the EFI partition (if you mount it) and the Windows MSDATA partition itself obviously.

The HPSP is intended for HP support and it can contain the off line diagnostics (if copied) but you can store files on it if you wanted.

The fs2: directory listing you show seems to be the contents of the SmartSetup CD at EFI (so the FAT partition on that CD) and it is used by the EBSU menu if you boot from the SmartSetup cd. There are also firmware update utilites and files for I/O cards like the Emulex but it can all be done easier via the EBSU menu really.

You can copy files between filesystems at EFI shell using the cp command (copy).
i.e. fs2: cp 'file' fs1:\