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HP Server tc3100 Will Not Boot - Operating System Not Found

Tried to power on my HP Server tc3100 (now discontinued) after 2 weeks of it being off. It has 2 hard drives in hot swap.

The fans spin up and it goes through POST / BIOS. I noticed a line that says
"Spinning up the device! HBA 1, ID 0, LUN 0"
"Device not available at HBA 1, ID 0, LUN 0"

The system tried to boot and then a "Operating system not found" message appears and we don't get any further.

So the OS (or BIOS even) isn't able to find the first HDD (though HDD 2 is not mentioned).

Please note there is a green light by HDD1 in its hot swap - so it is atleast on / working.

What could we do? I rekon its either dust or a cable come loose (as it was working perfectly fine before it was powered down for a few weeks).

Im trying to open the hot sawp cage to inspect the drives - but can't find the key! Maybe opening the case would help?

Any help is much appreciated.