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Re: Trying to find old threadId
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>What we *did* do is capture posts that linked to other threads, so we could correct as many post-to-post links as possible - but that's been a manual process.


That's what I thought you said before.  But when you said "with just the URL we can't offer much help", I thought you could no longer could even do that.

So with the URL you could find the post that has it, then look at your data.


(Except for the case the URL is external.  Which google finds in this case but there is one in the forum.)


>With more than 5 million posts, it wasn't feasible to create a mapping for *every* post/thread.


I disagree.  A web page could have been created with old thread vs new topic IDs (about 100 MB), then google could search it.  And at the top of that page you could tell people how to translate.

Or provide a CGI or other script to actually go to that new topic after pasting in the ID.