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Re: Chrome/firefox- cannot login to forums (HP Passport hang)
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>Not sure what changed but I can't seen to login to the forums via Chrome.


I'm surprised nobody has complained about it.  This happened long ago.  Then it went away and now it's been back for several weeks.  It also happens with firefox 23.01.


I assume it's broken because they fixed this topic:  ?

(If that's true, I'm not sure which bug is worse?  )-:

>Any ideas?


Naturally.  You use the same solution that I found the first time it started happening more than a year ago.

You remove your cookies or remove a specific cookie, easy peasy with firefox.


For some reason, today I didn't have to do that.


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What a mean guy.  After I entered this post, I decided to click on your URL.  ;-)

It first made me login and then it hung!


Anyway, I had to remove a whole bunch of cookies before it unhung.


Usually this one does it: QSI_HistorySession for