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Re: How does Agile Manager compare to ALM?

Hi Steve, great question.


In general, defects can be managed in Agile Manager.

Our own dev team uses Agile Manager to manage the defects that are found in the Agile Manager beta program and to prioritize them with the whole backlog.

Defects can be managed in Agile Manager and can also be linked to user stories.


We are planning to add the ability to synchronize defects between ALM and Agile Manager, to support the scenario that you described: the Quality Assurance team uses Quality Center for defects creation, and the dev teams use Agile Manager to plan their work: user stories and defects that are going to be handles in each sprint. A new defect in ALM will appear in Agile Manager, and an update of a status of a defect in Agile Manager will be reflected in ALM.