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Re: Managing multiple projects/products concurrently - Is HP Agile Manager suitable?

There are a couple of ways you can have this functionality in Agile Manager.

For managing the backlog, you can utilize the application attribute (go to Project configuration - applications). There you can define applications==project that will be managed in Agile Manager. You can later associate Theme/Features and User Stories to an application, which will enable the team to filter and track progress on the items per application, as they work on them

If each project has its own timeline, I would suggest creating a release per project

Per release you can configure teams, which in your case would most probably be the same for all releases/projects.

If the projects have a joint/shared timeline, you can create a single release in Agile Manager, and manage/track progress of items based on their application association.


Hope it helps. Would be happy to follow up  if you have additional questions