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31st January webinar Q&A follow up, 'Getting Started with the HP Performance Anywhere Public Beta'

The HP Performance Anywhere team would like to thank those who kindly attended the live webinar on January 31st. For everyone’s benefit the recording will be available here soon:


Here are the are answer to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Q. What is the scripts size limit?

A. The script limit is typically set to 15MB. For the duration of the Beta program the limit is set  to 1.5MB


Q. Is there a product roadmap?

A. Absolutely - there is a rich roadmap for Performance Anywhere. Unfortunately we cannot share this roadmap in this presentation as it is an open forum. Furthermore Performance Anywhere is developed in a continuous delivery model; it means that new capabilities are expected to be be released very frequently. If you'd like to discuss further we can provide a contact for more information.


Q. What type of application server diagnostics technology do you support?

A.  Performance Anywhere provides Deep Diagnostics capabilities for Java, .NET and Python applications utilizing a wide variety of application servers. Examples include IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Server, Oracle Weblogic, MS .NET, Software AG webMethods Integration Server, etc.


Q. How do you setup SiteScope integration in Performance Anywhere. I see you have system data.

A. The System Metrics that you see collected are those collected via the Diagnostics Agents. Sitescope flavor of metrics are not currently collected by Performance Anywhere. However we are evaluating also SiteScope System Metric integration in our development roadmap. If you'd like to discuss further we can provide a contact for more information.


Q. If I have questions with the beta "service", where do I go?

A. The best place to go is exactly this community forum. Note, as shown during the webinar, this forum can be accessed also from the help section inside Performance Anywhere. We encourage everyone to browse the information already provided and to contribute by posting their comments and questions.


Thank you!

The Performance Anywhere team.