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Upgrade to Outlook 365 - no longer able to configure TRIM-in-Outlook folder links

We are running TRIM 7.1.2.


Recently my client upgraded their entire email system to Outlook 365.  I cannot find any documentation that suggests TRIM is compatible with Outlook 365, but email catalogueing so far seems to be unaffected.  However, we are no longer able to update existing TRIM-in-Outlook folder links and cannot update the default TRIM-in-Outlook settings.  An error message that simply states "The operation failed" appears.


Here are the known variables:

  • Occurs on machines running Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Occurs in TRIM versions &
  • Can create new folder links within Outlook
  • Cannot remove or update folder links that already existed at the time of the upgrade to Outlook 365 (though we are able to remove links via the Document Queues within the TRIM client)
  • Cannot update default TRIM-in-Outlook Settings - a dialogue box opens containing the current default settings; however, if any changes are made and the user selects OK, the error message "The operation failed" appears.  This occurs whether the default Record Type & Container are manually entered or browsed to via the KwikSelect icon.
  • Cannot use the "Manage" option within TRIM-in-Outlook.  Simply selecting the option at all causes the error message "The operation failed" to appear.
  • Can catalogue emails using the existing settings or newly created folder links without issue.

Is anyone familiar with this issue or able to shed some light on other actions we might try as a work-around?  Has anyone else experienced issues with Outlook 365?