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Re: Configuring 2 physical IDOL servers for TRIM 7.34.5739
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Basically you're on the right track. You'd update the IDOL Service configuration and indicate the server names for the various content services (12 on Server 1, 12 on Server 2). Since it's all communicating via HTTP ports the IDOL service doesn't particularly care about how those are implemented.

After you've installed the content services on server #2 you can unregister the services, move the actual files around on the disk drives, and then re-register the services. You'd also need to update the individual content service configuration files to point to their new homes.

There are also other things to fine tune, like the maximum number of returned records (configured at the IDOL service level and also within each engine), stop words, etc.



When you install TRIM on Server 2 you'll get everything.  But you don't necessarily need everything.  You just need the content engines (I'm assuming).  Heck, you don't even need TRIM necessarily (though not much reason to not put it on there, unless your number of records per day is crazy).  Remove what you don't need, duplicate the engines, registere them, and then tell the main IDOL service where they are (server name and port).


EDIT Again:

Forgot to say, yes you'd unregister #1/2 on Server2 because they'd be on the same drive by default. Move them to their new drives, then use one of them and copy it around for all of the other engines. Rename the files/folders and edit the configuration to reflect the changes.