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Re: Searching for numbers using document content

It supports it, but it's disable with the default configuration.  To check if it's enabled walk through these steps:


1. Open TES

2. Expand Datasets

3. Right-click and select "Event Processing->Configure"

4. For Content Indexing change the status to "Suspended" and then click ok

5. Click Save (Note you don't need to deploy)

6. Right-click and select "Content Index->Properties"

7. Check if "Do not index pure numbers" is checked.  If it is checked, you don't get numbers.  If it is not checked, you do.

8. Click Cancel

9. right-click and select "Event Processing->Configure"

10. For Content Indexing change the status to "Processing" and click ok

11. Click Save


If it's disabled, you'll need to enable it.  That will also mean you have to reindex everything.


I hope this helps.