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Re: 4 x NIC's in a ALB or 10GB fibre?
you will run into congestion with gigabit.

I just upgraded months ago from gigabit.

supermicro 48port 10gbe with 4 x 40gbe $12,000

Old Dell BE2 emulex nic dual SFP+ 10gbe $75

Tripplite DAC SFP+ $25 each - no SFP+ needed with DAC cable.

Now I will move to 40gbe mellanox connectx-3 $300 nic with $100 QSFP cable with storevirtual VSA.

You will never hit congestion from vsa to vsa or VSA to HOST! never!

Remember there is a ton of node to node communication in cluster that if congested will bring the whole network to its knees!

I promise you will be so happy with 10gbe !!