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Best Practice - cloning K460 & Oracle
I'm in need of advice.

I have a K460/AutoRAID running Oracle 8.1.6, our production and development databases.

I have another K460 with four 4GB HD's that I want to move our development database to.

My original idea was to do a fresh install of HP/UX 11.0, Oracle 8.1.6, and WebDB 2.2 on the new dev machine. I thought that would be a great way to learn more about HP and Oracle administration. I'm really a MCSE guy switching to HP/UX-Oracle at work.

Now after many weeks of slow progress I'd like to just get the box up and running. We just got a third K460 so I can still do the ground up install, when I find the time. ;)

What I have done so far is use make_tape_recovery to create a backup of the vg00 volume. I used that to the the vg00 on the new dev machine.

I'm thinking I can use fbackup to copy the Oracle software and database files.

My questions

What way should I set up the three 4GB drives to hold files for the vg's other than vg00? Since I don't have an AutoRAID on the new dev this is what I did.

I originally made a vg of 12GB with the three drives. Then I tried to make links to match up my production vg's to the new dev vg's.

I have /p01, /p02, /p03 for the Oracle software, database files, and archive log files on the production machine.

Other than the AutoRAID and a 100Mb lan card in the production machine the machines are identical.

Any help pushing me in the right direction is mucho appreciated.