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Re: Best Practice - cloning K460 & Oracle
Hi Tim,

Sounds like you're busy!

OS - build from a make_recovery tape will work.
Add any drivers fot different cards. Patch the os etc.

I'd split the p01, p02 and p03 over the 3 disks in separate volume groups say vg01, vg02 and vg03 respectively. Install Oracle on the least used disk. Keep the indexes and data on separate disks. This is for performance. ie one disk is being read for data and one for indexes avoids head contention.
You'd be better off exporting the oracle database and then importing it on the new box.

Are you totally new to oracle? Do you have dba support?

Make sure you copy across files such as oratab listener.ora tnsnames.ora /etc/services etc.
Do this using ftp, tar, fbackup etc. Your choice!