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Re: cant x11 window server message arise
>But pls tell me how can I connect with unix server with xming???

Just as I said above:

1. telnet into your HP-UX server

2. On that shell (on HP-UX) you give those 2 commands:

export DISPLAY

3. Test if all is working by starting an X application from the same telnet shell:


If all is Ok, you should get the output on your Windows station.

>also send me some snaps shot that how to configure xming now eg: where to give unix server ip.

You must set permissions to HP-UX server to use your X server by editing some file from the directory where you installed Xming (typically:

C:\Program Files\Xming

The file is X0.hosts

Use worpad to insert a new line with your HP_UX server IP address like this:


This would do the job.

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