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Re: not getting these variable values ${0##*/} and ${0%/*}

These basically strip down the path of the command executed to the directory (DIR) and FILE (NAME).


For example, I created a script:


 # cat /root/test.pw

typeset -x NAME=${0##*/}
typeset -x DIR=${0%/*}

echo NAME=${NAME}
echo DIR=${DIR}


And then I ran it.


First I ran it from the /root directory and invoked it with just a './test.pw'.

# ./test.pw


The NAME is the script name and the DIR is the '.' portion indicating it's run from the current directory.


I then ran it as '/root/test.pw':


# /root/test.pw


NAME still gives test.pw, which it should, and DIR gives '/root' as that is the directory portion of the command line.


If I place the script in /var/tmp and run it via '/var/tmp/test.pw' then you get:


# /var/tmp/test.pw


If I copy the script to a directory that is in my PATH environment variable, /root/bin in this case, and run it:


# test.pw


I get the directory that the script is in.


Does this all make sense?