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Re: convert script to ksh93 (version 93)



thx to your answers.


@ Steven



sed -e 's/`\([^`]*\)`/$(\1)/g'


this handle 90 % of my script(s).


That won't help if the two "`" characters are on different lines, as in:

     if [ `echo "var6" |grep "var6"  > /dev/null 2> /dev/null; \
            echo $?` -eq 0 ]


with the other "sed" options i can handle it ?  like :


sed -e 's/`\([^`]*\)`/$(\1)/g' -e 's|\([?]\)`|\1)|g'  -e 's| `\([a-z]\)| $(\1|g' -e 's|=`|=$(|g' -e 's|`$|)|g'


@ Dennis


in some scripts are statements  ( here it is a example of a "case" statement  ) like

var7=` echo "a b c" | \
       awk ' { print $1 } '`  ;;



so i want to "devaluate" the of sed

sed -e 's|\([?']\)`|\1)|g'


like :

sed -e 's|\([?\']\)`|\1)|g'




but i can't  devaluate in a class