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Re: Building Log4cplus fails with "ld: Unsatisfied symbol virtual table of"

>syntax error near unexpected token `('


Hmm, it worked for me but I put it on the compile line and perhaps you need more levels of quoting?


>I am sorry but "don't do it" is not a helpful answer to this problem.


In this case it was.  Pinkerik was able to build the app.

BTY, it took me a long time to figure this out.


>If it is the code, then it should be diagnosed and fixed. Or it is the compiler that is buggy and then it should be diagnosed


I don't disagree.  If you have a support contract, please contact the Response Center and file a bug.


>Especially since the same code works with aCC3 just fine.


Because there is minimal support for declspec.  If you are dumb, there are less things to go wrong.  :-)