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Re: Grep in AWK

You can use regular expressions in awk statements (instead of calling grep thru a 'system' call), like in this example:

$ echo "hello world" | awk '$1 ~ /[Hh]ello/ '{print $1}'

knowing that $0 represents the entire string "hello world", which can be separated into multiple substrings (hello=$1, world=$2). Substrings are determined by delimiter specified by the -F flag of awk (space by default).


To retrieve each line of an input file, and do some processing afterwards (by splitting lines into multiple fields according to some patterns), you could issue:

# do some processing

cat myfile | awk 'BEGIN { while (getline) {
print $0
# do some further processing, knowing that each line is stored in $0
} # end while

If you are used to Perl, then awk should'nt be a pb for you.

I would recommend the "sed & awk" book, from Dale Dougherty & Arnold Robbins, published by O'Reilly (ISBN 1-56592-225-5), which will show you all the powerful features of awk.

I hope this helps.