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Re: How to Download HP-UX iV3 ISO?

They used to be not available at all, but that changed about a year or two ago.


Now, if you have a support agreement, you can login to the HP Support Center:


Then go to "Manage my contracts and warranties", and link your support agreement to your HP Passport account.

Only then, the HPSC homepage will allow you to go to "Software updates and licensing" (it will appear under "Download options"). From there, you can download images for the HP-UX Operating Environment(s) and other HP-UX software packages covered by your support agreement.


If you download the core OS image for HP-UX 11iv3, be advised that the first ISO file is a bit under 8 GB in size. If you want to burn it onto a physical media to archive a copy of it (that would be a good idea!), you'll need a Dual-Layer DVD writer for that.


Also, not all DVD burning programs can handle Dual-Layer DVDs right. I have a few discs that failed burning halfway (at the layer transition) as a proof of that.