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General question about HP patches system.

Hi. I am coming from Linux/Solaris background, so - I have no much experience with HP administration.

WE are preparing procedure for installing ORACLE and Postures DB systems in our environments. On Solaris and Linux ORACLE (and PG) requirements generally include lists of packages to be installed info their minimal versions(for example - libstdc++-3.4.5-2).

Why in case of HP - requirements are formulated in terms of patches and patch bundles? Does it means that HP have no mechanism of updating one specific package to some specific version?

One - I am just curious...

Second - it causes us to write separate logic for SOlaris/Linux and for HP. (Checking specific patches and and their supersedes instead of versions of specific packages..).

Another question is - what if let us say PHKL_35900 or some its supersede will be installed not as separate patch, but as part of some patch bundle... Will standard "swlist" command show me that it is installed? If my patch (that means - patch that I have to check) is "buried" in some patch bundle installed on system - how can I figure out - that it is present in system?