Re: CMU cloning with Raid support



If you are planning to buy SA controllers for all nodes, you need to configure

raid arrays on each node first (not just the golden node) before being able to clone them.


CMU will not configure RAID arrays on the nodes while cloning.

There is an easier way to configure multiple nodes using hpacucli (Array config utility) tool

present in the CMU netboot environment.


  1) Network boot all the nodes in your cluster from GUI or CMU command line interface


  2) Once all the nodes are booted into CMU netboot environment, invoke hpacucli on each node to configure raid arrays. You can use pdsh tool on the cmu headnode to launch hpacucli on multiple nodes.


  3) Install the golden node with OS


  4) Take a backup of Golden node


 5)  Clone the other nodes with backup image


Hope that helps.