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Re: small monitoring daemon (SMD) does not start on some nodes

OK. I found the solution.  But CMU is acting kind of strange here.  Our version is very old, probably this has been fixed in the new versions.


If i have 1 Network Entity Group, and add all 16 nodes (cn01 - cn16) to this group.  

Dynamic Monitoring (CPU, etc) works only for nodes  cn01 thru cn10 (SMD doesn't start up at nodes cn11-cn16)


If I have 2 Network Entity Groups and  divide nodes such as  10 nodes to group 1 and  6 nodes to group 2,

then dynamic monitoring for all nodes is working (SMD kicks in all nodes)


But if I divide nodes equally  8 for each group, then again only cn01 thru cn10 works.  strange!?