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Re: Debugging startup process
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The first place to start is with /etc/rc.config.d

This directory is unlike ANY other directory in HP-UX. EVERY file in this directory will be executed by every start script. That means that *NO* junk files or old files or different versions of files can be in that directory. Just before all the rc scripts are started, you may see all sorts of strange error messages due to bad files in that directory.


To debug, sort the files by time order, most recent at the bottom:


cd /etc/rc.config.d
ls -lrt



The files at the bottom were recently created or changed. They are the most suspect. If you want to keep old copies of the control files, make a directory called old and move all the old files to old. The directory protects these files from being executed.


Then for each failed rc script, run the failed script manually. I did not see any error messages in your post. Are you saying that the sapinit scipt is failing? What happens when you run it manually?