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courses for CSE path

Hi All!


It looks like that HP is no longer offering courses for CSE (Certifies System Engineer) certification, in South Africa, so if anybody is aware, where I can attend this courses?

The other thing that I noticed is that shell script course is also no longer available in the course schedulle!

Any thoughts on this





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Re: courses for CSE path
If you would like to attend a HP Serviceguard course I know that the US HP Education website can only register people in the US and Canada. It is my understanding that each country has some autonomy on how they want to handle their training and the logistics of getting course material to worldwide students is a challenge.

I think that a company called Knowledge United that works with us can provide worldwide seats in Official RAIL HP Education courses like the ServiceGuard course. It is my understanding that they may handle the billing and logistics of geting materials to students.
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