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Issue in HPOM 9.0 on Windows 2012 for Spanish, Germany & French language



I have installed HPOM 9.0 on Windows 2012 in 4 different system with different languae. The details are below:


  1. System 1: OS Language: English    HPOM Language: English 
  2. System 2: OS Language: Spanish   HPOM Language: Spanish
  3. System 3: OS Language: French    HPOM Language: French
  4. System 4: OS Language: Germany   HPOM Language: Germany


In all the system the HPOM 9.0 installed successfully. However we found that in System 2, 3, and 4 the scheduler & policies are not running. We can create a policy in that system, but the  HPOM scheduler is not picking the policies for execution. Also we tried to send messages through opc_message. However non of the message reached to the console.


It will be of great help, if somecan can give some insight if all these 3 languages are supported ? If Yes, how can we debug the issues.