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Errors after delpoyment "Correlation Composer" policy on management server OMW 9.0.

Hi All,


Can anyone help me with OMW 9.0 MSI configuring?

After delpoyment "Correlation Composer" policy on management server I received two error messages.

1. (ctrl-208) Component 'opceca' with pid 6428 exited with exit value '255'. Restarting component.

2. MSI output is not enabled. No event correlation can be done. (OpC30-1350).

I read in the document "HP Correlation Composer Software for the HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems Software Version: 9.00 User’s Guide for HP Operations Manager and HP Network Node Manager" the following instructions:

Enable output on MSI.
a Click Actions->Server->Configure.
b In the Message Stream Interface section, select the Enable Output
check box.

But I not found Message Stream Interface section in Actions->Configure->Server.

I found Server-based Message Stream Interface section and configured it (screenshot MSI_settings.JPG in attachement), but it didn't solve this ptoblem.